GSB V.02

It’s been a labour of love, several months, 99 Granny squares, a shed load of yarn, blood (from the blisters, yes really blisters from crochet – who knew?), sweat (have you tried making a blanket without having to be under it for at least some of the time? These things get warm you know, that’s kind of their purpose in life) and I want to say tears but that would just be for dramatic effect, making my blanket has been fun so no crying involved.

At the start I thought I needed 120 squares and I decided to use this design.

Square 16

Turns out a standard double bed works just as well with just 99 squares, a couple of rows to join it all and a border.


The pile on the left is ready to go, the pile on the right still needs the ends sewn in…


There are gaps to be filled.


Some assembly needed.

There are a few different ways to join your squares. I chose this one

It took a while…

So close… just the ends to tidy up now.


And I am done. Ta dah! My first, final, finished, double bed size, handmade, granny square blanket. Let the snuggles begin.




Sundays Are For #3

A lazy start. Sunday brunch of Eggs Benedict served on a Ciabatta with Smoked Salmon, Spinach, Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes and a cup of delicious freshly ground Coffee. Wye Oak on itunes, a bit of homework, a few chores and  Scott Pilgrim to watch later.


Happy Halloween

How to carve a pumpkin.

  1. Get a Pumpkin, or two, never hurts to have a back up.
  2. Assemble the necessary tools; pointless carving kit from supermarket, large (very sharp) knife, Stanley knife, boyfriends Leatherman (make sure to hand it back sans bits of Pumpkin – men get touchy about things like that).
  3. Choose a template appropriate to your skill level, I chose easy.
  4. Open Wine – this is important, it helps creativity and the clocks just went back so you can get away with a glass an hour earlier than usual.
  5. Get messy! Cut a hole in the top big enough to (just) get your hand in but not quite big enough to let any extra light out (or actually be able to move your hand within the Pumpkin) then scoop out the insides. The tool from the supermarket will never be enough. I recommend a combination of Pizza Cutter and a teaspoon – worked for me! Give the insides to boyfriend to whip up a yummy pumpkin Risotto with later.
  6. Tape the template to the pumpkin.
  7. Using the only useful piece of kit from the supermarket pack poke the design out with the proddy thing. Drink more wine. This is a tedious and time-consuming part of the process and can only be made bearable with added wine.
  8. When you have your design marked out on the pumpkin spend ages cutting around the lines with the saw bit from boyfriends Leatherman.
  9. Remove the bits of Pumpkin from the design, the table, the carpet, your clothes, your hair… Light up, take photograph, pour more wine.

Happy Halloween.