5 Things I Liked This Week

5 things that made me happy last week… #3

1. Easter Eggs.

No, I haven’t started shopping early for the next big commercial fest (although even though I hate creme eggs on their own, these creme egg brownies look quite tempting – but I digress)

Easter Eggs are sneaky bits of code hidden in websites by developers just for fun (it’s a geek thing) often discovered by using the sequence (arrow keys) ↑↑↓↓←→←→ b a

There’s a list of a few to try here and it’s worth going to the Vogue and GQ websites for some very classy dinosaurs, just use the sequence with the arrow keys to find them.

2. A Cat Playing A Theremin.

I’ve always wanted a Theremin – wonder if I could get a duet going with The Boy


3. Opening The New Jar Of Coffee.

Or rather beating Matt to opening the new jar of coffee. He’s a ‘stick a spoon through the middle of the foil’ sort of person and I’m a ‘run my finger nail around the edge to remove a perfect circle of foil’ sort of person. I like my instant coffee to be neat and tidy.

4. The Soundtrack That Has Never Been Released, But Should Be.

This is one of those ‘by association’ likes. A friend posted the latest Superbowl advert on Facebook. There are puppies and it’s really ‘cute’.

Which reminded me of the 2013 Superbowl Honda Advert, which made us all think for one, brief, exciting moment that Ferris was coming back.

Which reminded me of one of my all time favourite movies and a movie soundtrack which has never been released but really needs to be, so my number 4 this week is the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off soundtrack, courtesy of Whatleydude.

Ferris Bueller OST

5. Happy Days

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Scott 25/01/2014.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott


5 Things I Liked This Week

Happy New Year.

We made it through Christmas. Through the mania that is ‘peak’ in the courier industry, through the politics and the potential minefield that is Christmas with the in laws, through the endless re runs of old movies and the tedium of Christmas TV (with one or two exceptions) and through the excess of alcohol and mountain of festive food. Welcome to 2014.

I thought I’d get the 5 things posts off to a nice early start this year (and try to keep it up) and the weathers crap at the moment with most of the UK a sodden mess of rain, floods and howling wind so it’s good to remember there are still plenty of reasons to be happy.

So… 5 things that made me happy last week…

1. Poetry 

I came across the To This Day viral, a poem by Shane Koyczan. I’m not going to try to explain it, it needs no explanation, just watch it.

This reminded me of a lovely evening we spent just before Christmas at Somerville College for one of All Tamara’s Parties. There was some great Music, Candy Says, Count Drachma and Tamara but the highlight for me for that evening was the poetry of Caroline Bird [Current fave – Mystery Tears].  I even bought a book, a real book with the potential for bookmarks, turned corners and a cracked spine. The MC for the night was George Chopping – check out Smoking With Crohn’s

Candy Says at Somerville College 13/12/2013

2. Feeling New (Year)

I love the New Year, the feeling that something amazing is starting. A whole 365 days ahead of new adventures, new experiences, just new everything. It’s a clean slate day full of good intentions, they may not last but for a while at least it feels like anything is possible, it’s up to every one of us if we make the most of the opportunities the year will bring or just let our lives drift on.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. – Mark Twain.

3. Lightbulb moments.

Isn’t it nice when you finally ‘get’ something. I had a lightbulb moment with an Excel spreadsheet this week when (basic) formula’s finally made sense. It might not seem like a huge achievement if you’ve already mastered formula’s and pivot tables but for me it was a moment of brilliance. Formulas suddenly clicked! (I had help – Matt explained the theory in a way that worked for my mathematically challenged mind) there’s no stopping me now.

4. Little People

I discovered the work of Slinkachu a while ago and treated myself to Little People In The City but there are more, probably many more. This week I came across the work of Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Minimiam, meaning ‘Mini Yum’ is a ‘creative union’ of the husband and wife, letting lots of little people go about their daily lives using food to tell their stories. It may not be original anymore but I am getting me some little people this year.


5. A Different kind of 365.

So I’m still struggling through my 366 project (366 because it’s birthday to birthday, struggling because daily inspiration is a lot more elusive than I thought) and I’ve been looking at a lot of other 365’s around the web both for inspiration and motivation (there are a LOT than never reached the end – smug points if I make it). I really like this one, 365 days of balloons – now that is a lot of work and needs serious dedication.

5 Things I Liked This Week

There’s been a lot going on this year and I’ve been guilty of forgetting to just sit back, take a bit of time out and enjoy all the good things that have gone so here are 5 things for last week.

1. Norman Reedus and his cat. He kills zombies, he looks good he cuddles cats and he takes photographs – what’s not to like?

2. Dancing Dogs.

3. Putting the Christmas Tree Up. Well it is December and I never could resist fairy lights.

4. Buying real CD’s (and supporting independent artists)

5. Living In Oxford. Ok I know this is a bit generic but we’ve been here for two months now and it really feels like home.

5 Things I Liked This Week

It’s been a while since I did a five things – again. I’ve only managed 8 this year which makes for a lot of weeks that I haven’t been inspired to ‘like’ anything which makes me sad. I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down with the stresses of work and life and forgotten to stop and think about the positives and the things that make me happy. In a week that has started on a huge downer (that maybe a future post but it’s not something to dwell on now) it seems more important than ever to focus on the good things.

1. Halloween. Or rather an excuse to get messy, carve a pumpkin and take a few pics. Generally accompanied by a glass of wine and a roaring log fire

2. Rediscovering Film. Getting the negs back from an old disposable camera with film that had expired back in 2003 and finding out that the pics had come out and posting them to the 100 Week. (Technically it was last week but I didn’t do a ‘five things’ last week and I’m still pleased that it came out). Also on a related subject one of the other cameras I released for the Disposable Memory Projectcamera 415 has finished it’s journey and made it all the way from Odiham to Iceland. Can’t wait to see the results.

3. Discovering New Music. This is a common thread in my ‘five things’ and this one was a tweet I noticed offering a free download of an album by Scrimshire. Never one to pass up on a freebie or the chance to listen to something new I downloaded his first album (free on bandcamp until Monday 29th October) It’s a very chilled, slightly jazzy, slightly folksy perfect album to relax to and I will be back for more.

4. Chance Meetings. We decided to head out to a near by village for The Upton Grey Autumn Festival so before we went I popped into the local Tesco to grab some food for dinner later and bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. By coincidence he, and his wife, live in the village we were off to for the afternoon so we met up and spent an hour or so in the local pub then went back to their (lovely) new house for a nose around, a glass of wine, some very nice homemade cheesecake and a catch up on life. It made me realise how insular we’ve both become recently. The pressures of work have been immense for both of us and we’ve been guilty of neglecting our friends and become ‘stay at homes’. This needs to change.

5. Taking Photographs. I don’t make anywhere near as much time as I should to just get out with my camera but the Upton Grey Festival was a great excuse to just enjoy taking photographs. With over 40 Guys spread throughout the village it was lovely to have a wander through a lovely Hampshire village and try to capture some of the Guys that the residents had put so much effort into for the festival. I promise (myself) that whatever happens over the next few weeks/months I WILL get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside and eclectic events more often and spend more quality time with my camera.

(All images ©️Cathy Griffiths, all rights reserved. CathyG Photography)


5 Things I Liked This Week

It’s been a bit of a hectic week, lots of things to like.

1. We went Ice Skating. It’s been a long time and it was hard work convincing Matt to go, something about falling over and pain and general mumblings about uncomfortable skates and the risk of breaking bones but he did it. I’m sure it used to be easier when I was younger but then I’m also sure I had a more aerodynamic shape back then and less fear of falling.

2. We went Ten Pin Bowling. Something else I haven’t done in a long time – I won 🙂

3. Anniversary Dinner at The Grapevine. Six years together, a lovely meal and a lovely evening.

4WE GOT ENGAGED [Insert big grin here]

He did the whole one knee thing and (of course) I said yes. Sadly the ring is a little too small to be able to wear yet. I thought about waiting to see if the (current) diet helps gets rid of my chubby fingers but I want to wear it now so it’s gone off to be altered – I will be flashing [the ring] in a week or two.

5. Dinner With Friends – And More Celebrating

We had a lovely catch up with friends on Saturday night, they cooked a delicious meal, there was Fizz, wine and celebrating. Life is good.

5 Things I Liked This Week

It’s been a while since I posted 5 Things. There have been lots of things I should have mentioned but the last couple of months have been so hectic at work it feels like life has just rushed past me.

1. It was a short week. I’m not a huge Royalist and even if some of the celebrations appeared a little forced and maybe a bit fake at times it was still nice to see a bit of patriotism and even nicer to have four glorious days off. Shame about the weather but it wouldn’t be a proper British Bank holiday without rain.

2. An air show in our back garden! This is really a carry over from last week as the actual event was on Friday 01/06 but I’m including it because the aircraft were parked up over the weekend and constantly taking off so we got an extended view. We live at the end of RAF Odihams runway on a lovely Farm and once a year they have a families day for the service men and women and their families and friends which always includes displays by some amazing aircraft. For the last two years I’ve booked the day off from work and sneaked *cough* onto the base to watch and take photographs. This year caught me unaware, it was earlier in the year than it has been for the previous two and I had no idea it was on. By a happy coincidence I was working from home at the time. Although I couldn’t spend the day watching and didn’t have the right lens to get the sort of shots I would have liked it was pretty hard to concentrate on work with a Eurofighter buzzing around the farm and I had to sneak one or two with the only long lens I have. This was shot with a 70-300mm lens that is stuck on a focal length of around 150mm after being dropped  the good news is the lens saved the camera so it’s not all bad.


And this is ‘the one’ that I really wish I’d had the right kit for *sigh*


3. Hope & Socials latest Crypt Cover.

4. Simons Cat. I can’t help but smile when I watch these.

5. New Music. We had a lovely afternoon at The Alresford Music Festival on Saturday. One band stood out for me – Bigtopp. Portsmouth based, ska, reggae and a bit of punk. I got the feeling they were used to a more lively crowd and maybe the mid afternoon slot didn’t do them justice but definitely one to watch


5 Things I Liked This Week

1. The Cat invasion. Cat invades football pitch. It looks remarkably calm for a cat that’s in the middle of a field surrounded but who knows how many thousand people so I’m assuming it must be a domestic cat that’s been there before.


2. I had a birthday. I’m older than I’d like to be and not a wise as I’d hoped to be but I had a lovely day and I’m happy to be here, healthy and have the friends that I have. what more could you want.

3.My first trip of the year to the Isle Of Wight. I usually go over there at least once a month for client meetings and it’s always a pleasure.

Day 2 - Heading Home

4. Stepping on the scales and seeing 3lb less of me than there was last week. (Yes, I am on a diet – again)

5. Hearing that camera 415 is on it’s way. It’s been found and passed on and may well be on it’s way to Iceland.