30/30 30 Days Of Instagrams – The End.

Day 30. Life Laundry

This is it! Day Thirty. I didn’t quite make 30 consecutive days but I was closer to it than I usually get.

I hoard stuff (still) and I feel like I’m starting to drown a little bit under the clutter that I keep. So I have made the “Why Have I Still Got This?” Category.

First up – my first walkman and a present from an ex boyfriend. We used to be able to hold ninety minutes of music in one of these and walk while we listened to it – revolutionary!



28/30 30 Days Of Instagrams

Day 28. Home

He spent last night at the vets – again! He keeps getting injured, we try to keep him in but he could drive you insane if he can’t get out. He had another scrap on Thursday and when the Matt got home from work on Thursday evening his face was swollen and he was clearly in pain. When he got him to the vet there was a hole in his mouth! Just inside and going all the way up (inside) to the eye socket. The Vet found no injuries to his eye so the problem was from the mouth up but they had no idea what might have caused it. It’s possible it was a trauma injury or it may be a strange form of Cancer, we’re still waiting for the results of the biopsy but for now he’s home. Off his face on methadone but home.