Sometimes in life you just have to put your hands up and admit you’ve made a mistake, as a business that’s what we had to do today but there is truth in what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and a problem has been, publicly, identified and rectified. As a result we will be better, more efficient and safer than we were before and it will not happen again.


I Am A Number

Taken on April 10th.

Got my number for the race for life today. I took this using the random option on Hipstamatic. I usually avoid the RTV Shout film because I don’t like the random captions but this one suits the theme and I like the (accidental) framing.

Coffee Or Tea? Always Coffee, Always.

All rights reserved © Cathy Griffiths

Today I was a lady (debatable I know) who lunched. I had a day off work, using my last few days of annual leave before I run out of year and lose them.

I met up with Mo aka Maureen Alexander a friend from my brief stint as a Sales Exec at Kestrel FM, now known as The Breeze. We had a lovely Pizza, a catch up on gossip and life and a couple of coffee’s at Prezzo in Alton. I don’t get the chance to catch up with friends anywhere near as often as I’d like to and I get to ‘do lunch’ even less often so it was a lovely way to spend some time.

I confess to being a coffee addict, strong and black (there is no such thing as too strong) although I do like a good Cappuccino now and then.

Pancake Day

I know pancake batter isn’t the most complicated thing to make but I still refer to a recipe I’ve used for years, from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook (c1980). We had a couple of savoury this year, no sweets.

First course was a traditional Bacon and Maple syrup, always a favourite and great for breakfast followed by a simple ham and cheese. I decided not to go for the traditional ‘tossing’ image this year.

For the perfect pancake batter…

This pancake batter may be used at once or left to stand in a cool pace. If it is left to stand it may be necessary to add a little extra milk before using.

Cooked Pancakes keep for up to a week in the refrigerator, wrapped in polythene or foil, or up to two months in the freezer. To reheat frozen pancakes, thaw for 2-3 hours at room temperature then place the stack of pancakes, wrapped in foil, in the oven at 190°C (375°F) mark5 for 20-30 mins. (recipe makes 6-8)

Pancake Recipe