One of the things on the list for the Photographic Scavenger Hunt 101 was ‘My Camera’.

I have a few, quite a few, probably too many (can you have too many ?) cameras, film and digital, that I have collected over the years.


I was going to post a photograph of my usual weapon of choice my Canon 7D, it’s a great digital SLR and the camera that I use for all photoshoots and when I want to be sure of capturing the best quality I can.


If I have to choose one it’s always going to be my first. The camera that fired the passion, a gift from my parents in 1980, it still works, it still gets used and I still love it. My Zenith EM. Russian, tough and built to last (and with my track record with caring for technology that’s an essential quality).




Let’s Talk About The Weather

I am British. That means (along with a whole heap of other complicated issues) that I have to talk about the weather.

2018 has stuck one finger up at the seasons and gone for an extra long Winter, skipped Spring, and headed straight to Summer. It hesitated today and decided to chuck some heavy rain into the mix, not too much, just enough to make the early BBQers hang fire (pun intended) and look to the kitchen grills for backup.

The May Bank holiday is only a few weeks away and then we’re full on into the UK Festival Season, there’s no Glastonbury this year so we should be free from any heavy and prolonged downfalls in June but I have no doubt that the weather will continue with it’s usual refusal to be predicted, remain a constant topic of conversation and wash out more than a few Festivals, Wedding, Events and BBQs before the year has finished

Here’s a memory from a long time ago, a festival, when the sun was shining – A Monkey on a motorbike. (taken on a Canon EOS 500 (remember film?) sometime back in the 90’s in a field, somewhere in England)

Here Comes The Rain.

The UK Music Festival season has begun. Kicking off this weekend with the first of the major venues – The Isle Of Wight Festival, and with it comes the rain. There was a time when I’d have braved anything the elements could come up with to spend a weekend in a field listening to music but, even if it pains me to say it, I don’t want to do it anymore.


I’ve gone for days without decent food or sleep, lived on a diet of alcohol and junk, levitated above festival loos and loved every minute of it but there comes a time in life when proper food, a comfy bed and hot and cold running water become necessities and much as I love the idea of a festival the reality is not for me anymore. There’s still a part of me that would love to do Glastonbury one day but unless there’s a hotel and a guest pass  it’s not going to happen.

Thankfully my festival days were back when we had film in our cameras. I don’t think we even had phones, if we did they definitely didn’t have cameras (yes – I am old) so there aren’t a lot of photographs but even then I always had a camera on me. (unless I’m in it – I took it).

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So to get into the spirit of the season from the comfort of home I’m playing an album from all the bands that are at the Isle Of Wight today that I have in my itunes, enjoying a glass or two of wine and hosting my own, civilised, warm, dry version of the day.


The Line Up