A Plague Upon Us.

We seem to have a Plague of Ladybirds in the new house. Within seconds of opening a window they’re everywhere. There are a lot of infestations that could be worse.

  • They’re Cute
  • They’re Red
  • They’re Pretty
  • They Eat Aphids (lots of Aphids – up to 5000 in an average Ladybird lifetime)
  • They have white feet (who knew?)



Chemistry Lessons

I feel a lab coat, latex gloves and maniacal laugh creeping over me.

I was given most of the things I need to be able to develop my own B&W film by a very nice man –  David via Freecycle. A Dark bag, tank, thermometer and a selection of chemicals. I’d love to try making my own developer, fix and stop from these but I think it’s a bit beyond my knowledge and I’m not sure I have all the ingredients so I’m going to go the safe route and buy the chemicals but I love the old bottles.


A friend of mine gave me this a few weeks ago. It belonged to her Aunt who sadly died in January. It’s obviously been very well cared for, it’s in excellent condition, complete with UV filter, lens cap, case and a funky little tripod. the Zenit (EM) was my very first SLR, prior to that I’d only ever had Polaroids and a very old Box Brownie that belonged to my Father to spark my interest in photography.

My parents bought me a Zenit EM so I could study photography at School. I’ve still got my first Zenit and although it hasn’t been looked after anywhere near as well as this one it does still work and it gets a roll loaded up every once in a while. Looking forward to trying this one out very soon. Thank you Ruth.

On A Mission

As part of my up coming mid-life crisis I am back on a mission to get fit again. Joined the gym in December and it feels good to see (and feel) myself making progress, running a little longer, a little faster and feeling better every time I go.