Scavenger Hunt 101 – An Interesting View

An Interesting View

Scavenger Hunt 101 – the full list.


The Obligatory Annual Duck (Photo) Shoot (Now With Added Moorhens)

Every year the resident Long Sutton Ducks produce a new brood of ducklings and it’s become a bit of a regular visit for a photo shoot. They are quite hard to capture when they’re very young because they tend to stay in the water and the adult Ducks get very protective if you get too close so it’s better to wait until they’ve grown a little.

They’re probably around 2 months old now and easily bribed to come out of the water and get up close for a photograph. The usual bribe is bread but having done a little research it’s not the best thing to feed them and if they are likely to have a lot of people going to feed them they will end up eating too much and can become ill. Apparently bread is like chocolate for Ducks. They love the taste but it has no nutritional value and too much is bad for them. We went armed with bird seed this year and although the images may not be as dramatic as the chaos that happens when you throw a lump of bread down I’m still happy with the results and I feel better knowing that I haven’t caused them any harm.