Artistic Scavenger Hunt – Give Me The Moon

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Let Me Play....

(©Cathy Griffiths  – Please do not reproduce or use without asking first – Ta.)

Artistic Scavenger Hunt – The Full List




January – sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me (Pilot)

January – The first of the seven months of the year to have 31 days (but it feels like twice as many) usually the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest in the Southern, and the second month of winter (NH)

January (in Latin, Ianuarius) is named after the Latin word for door (ianua), since January is the door to the year and an opening to new beginnings. Doors feature in New Year’s celebrations, traditionally opened at the strike of midnight to let the old year out and the new year in.

The first person through your door on New Years day (the first footer) should be a tall, dark haired man bearing coal (warmth), salt or money (riches) and bread or wine (plenty) and you mustn’t take anything out  on New Years day, not even the rubbish.

I’ve seen a few variations on this one but my Mother used to always say (and she had a lot of sayings which I blame for my inability to walk on cracks, under ladders, not cross on the stairs, not cross knives, my need to throw salt over my shoulder if I spill any and say good morning to every Magpie I see and so on, the list is endless, sometimes I wonder how I ever manage to leave the house) …

If you wash on New Years Day then you’ll wash your luck away 

So far it’s cold and there is Snow, living on a farm in the middle of the countryside makes getting anywhere difficult. Please let it be spring soon.

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