Photographic Scavenger Hunt 101

This was a challenge that I saw as a flickr group back in 2010, the recommendation was that the photographs were all taken in the space of a year from the date you took your first entry. I decided long ago not to set a timescale to complete the hunt, most of the time when people try to force photography it just ends up with a lot of crap photographs taken for the sake of ticking off the list. I’ll finish this whenever I finish and enjoy using the list as a source of inspiration and a prompt when I need to kick-start some creative thinking. The group on flickr seems to have been abandoned by the admins and it’s been a long time since any new photographs were posted that have any relevance to the list so I’m posting here and linking the images in the list back to the posts on my blog. (These photographs are my own work and ©Cathy Griffiths. Please do not reproduce without my permission, if you’d like to use them for anything just drop me an email at, I nearly always say yes 😀 thank you)

Boat without a motor 21/03/2010 READY-FOR-COWES-WEEK

Home of a non human creature 18/04/2015 23879588452_8ba553abc9_z

A flag other than your native country 28/05/2016 27675537204_35f55bb1bf_o


Rain 04/04/2013


Winter 19/12/2010 Winter

A Puddle 05/09/2011 img_3425

An abandoned building/ruin 27/03/2010 Waverley Abbey

A junk car11/09/2011 A Junk Car

An extravagant food 14/11/2014 O Oysters

A handmade for sale sign16/07/2016 Doggies-web

A Cliché 28/05/2015 Cliché

Someone wearing polka dots 05/06/2010 Someone Wearing Polka Dots

A locally owned store 16/07/2016 28360710275_d4604a5c7c_o

A toy 05/01/2017 32126888005_211006f24e_o

A cat 16/03/2010 Frank

Fire 20/07/2013 Fire

A child laughing 10/09/2016 Birthday Smiles

Inside a foreign food restaurant 05/05/2018 IMG_1528-2

A Beach 11/09/2015 20761754083_4b038a249e_o-2

A flying machine 13/07/2013 blades-2013-web-and-trello

Your bed 20/05/2017 34254163153_32cd778f24_o

A flower 30/05/2010 A Flower

A map 16/08/2016 28995835226_f1c65db48c_k

An extravagant drink 16/07/2016 28257276542_f36fbbd917_o

A car with a flat tyre

A live performance 26/07/2010

An absurd predicament 28/05/2016 27675229584_7423e0c88f_o

A motorcycle 24/08/2016 29166712200_10fe06c774_o

A person having a bad hair day

Sunset 31/09/2010 Sunset

Spring 18/04/2014 Spring

A locally owned restaurant 14/11/2010 Atomic Burgers

A Police car

Your vacuum or broom 05/06/2017 35200439426_fcf3c93877_o

Someone meditating or praying 08/09/2018 Prayers-Devs-Party

A work of art 04/05/2011 The Headington Shark

A national holiday celebration

Your favourite food 13/02/2017 32892958551_c6f43b91ec_o

Autumn 17/10/2018Autumn

Someone you love 16/07/2016 28282152541_0e928075bf_o

A tattoo 10/10/2014

A Sporting Event 01/08/2010 Ford Fiesta Championship, Castle Coombe

A knick knack/bric a brac 03/02/2016 24503536640_cf748c9580_o

A Fish 12/08/2011 Nom

An Ambulance

A place of worship 03/05/2018

The tallest building in your city/town/village 16/07/2016 28282154401_56f80d2f38_o

Your favourite colour 10/03/2010 Keep It Dark

Somewhere you feel uncomfortable 01/11/2013 All rights reserved © Cathy Griffiths

A commercial truck 07/10/2016 29582576933_ef07443e46_o

Graffiti 19/10/2017 Increase-the-peace

An insect or Arachnid 31/08/2014 Dragonfly

A stamp

Someone with Bare feet 22/10/2010 The Barefoot Bride

A bookshelf

Something that represents your country/region 24/04/2011 Cry Beer.

Money 07/09/2013 Money

A billboard/sign

A bridge 10/04/2016 26324631086_525538b224_k

Utilization of an alternative energy source 24/01/2011 Alternative Energy

A public display of affection

Kitchen appliance 30/04/2011 A Kitchen Appliance And Wise Words

A Water source

A Bicycle15/10/2011 A Bicycle

A Dog 31/05/2015 Dog-For-Web

BBQ or grilled food 29/04/2016 BBQ-Brothers

Something rusty 09/01/2011 Something Rusty

A beast of burden

Construction Equipment

Summer 04/07/2010 Skate Naked.

A Fire engine

Sunrise 17/12/2018

Food growing 06/08/2016 Potential Pumpkins Your most comfortable place to sit



A musical instrument

An exotic Animal

Your favourite shade/tree

The place where you bathe

A statue 08/12/2018

2018-12-08 15.52.55-1

Your camera 18/07/2018 Zenith-For-Web

The place you eat most meals 05/11/2010 Place-to-eat

Favourite pastime/hobby

A shadow 23/12/2018

An interesting sky

A licence plate 22/06/2014 Stole-U

A tool

A road sign 06/03/2017 Road-Sign

Something dirty (not sexual) 10/01/2017 Dirty-Van

Something clean (not sexual)

A train 08/06/2013 A-Train

An interesting or unusual rock 23/07/2013 Roche-rock

Traffic signal/control device 22/09/2013 Stop-And-Smile

An interesting view 10/04/2011 An Interesting View

Method of communication 18/04/2010 communication

Favourite article of clothing

A child crying

A funny hat 16/07/2016 A-Funny-Hat

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