Just What I’ve always Wanted….

Well that’s Christmas done for another year. The culmination of months of force-fed consumerism and attempts to convince us we have to spend, spend, spend all to satisfy one day of excess. Fortunately we don’t have any kids so it’s easier to resist and we’re old enough, sensible enough and frugal enough not to buy gifts just because we feel we have to have a mountain to open on Christmas Day. Having said that I have been suitably spoiled this Christmas.

We try to buy each other things that we actually need, that will be used and although practical sounds a little boring I always find the ‘what do you want for Christmas’ question a difficult one to answer. World Peace? A winning lottery ticket? An end to poverty? Equality? No more war? They may not all be noble requests but they are all equally hard to buy and even harder to wrap.

We used Amazon wish lists as a starting point, especially as there’s a handy little widget that’s part of Amazon’s ongoing attempt to take over the world, that allows you to add things that aren’t sold by Amazon (and let’s face it there’s not much they haven’t got a stake in) to your wish list. I was mortified when I checked The Mans wish list in the week leading up to Christmas to see if there was anything else I could add to his Stocking only to realise that the things I’d bought from Amazon via the wish list were now showing as purchased so he could see what Santa was bringing, bang goes the surprise factor (am I the only one that didn’t know this happened when you click-through from a wish list?)

The ‘Daily Prompt’ asked Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it? I never forgave my parents for not buying me a Chopper. I wanted that bike more than I can ever remember wanting anything, in red, with the gear stick in the middle. I can remember the arguments to this day. “It’s a boys bike, it’s dangerous” so what! I wanted one and I still feel a little deprived that I never had one. I got a bike, a very nice, safe, sensible, girls bike – a Raleigh 18 in a sort of purple/pink colour (same as the pic below) and I liked it, I rode it and I fell off of it, probably just as much as I would have fallen off of a Chopper but even now, thirty something years down the line I’m still sulking about the Chopper they never let me have. Maybe when I hit full-blown mid-life crisis I’ll buy myself one, it’s cheaper than a toy boy or a sports car.


(Photo from Chopper Trader)

Raleigh 18

(Photo by grubb1937 on flickr)