How Do We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning?

I was looking through the BBC News website and saw this article about Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks. I’ve watched clips of it on the news and it’s become iconic as a symbol of celebrating the new year. After all, it’s one of the first places in the world to for the clock to strike 12 and with an estimated excess of £3million spent on the fireworks I’m sure it’s a fairly impressive thing to see.

Let me say that again. £3million! £3million on a firework display that lasts for around 12 minutes. I’ve never paid much attention to the display before and I never would have imagined that the cost would be that high. It was obvious they were always going to represent a massive cost but £3million! How can any government allow that when the resources are so desperately needed to help its people survive!

Australia has been ravaged by bush fires for over two months now, record low rainfall has contributed to a continent-scale emergency that has burned through more than 5million hectares, an area larger than many countries.

There have been human deaths, untold devastation to wildlife with many already endangered species possibly now extinct, or on the verge of it, as a result. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and a massive chunk of the vineyard area has gone and along with it business’s and livelihoods, and it’s still burning!

Even if you don’t feel that the £3million being spent on fireworks may be put to better use trying to save lives and to help rebuild the lives of the people and communities affected is it not more than a little insensitive to be celebrating fire in a City so close to the bush fires? In a City that has recently produced pollution up to 11 times greater than the hazardous level for human health due to the smoke from the bush fires that is covering it?

Australia has always had bush fires and climate change doesn’t cause them but the scale of these fires are unprecedented and climate change does play a role in increasing the average and extreme temperatures and reduced rainfall that play a key role in the severity of these fires and on New Year’s Eve, with this hell raging around them thousands and thousands of people will watch the City of Sydney burn £3million for 12 minutes of entertainment. 

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

(Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil)

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The food bank collection point was emptied this morning so I started filling it up again. I always do a reverse advent calendar, at least 1 item (usually more) for the food bank every day from the 1st to the 24th of December. No one should have to rely on a food bank to be able to eat but they do so all the time I can afford to goive something to help I will. I’m going to carry it on next year. Once a week I’ll stock up on some extras and add them to the collection points.

December 6th

I popped into the post office today to send of a couple of Christmas pressies. The queues were getting longer, people were getting impatient and there were a lot of huffs, tuts and loud sighs from people who were waiting. The post office has a simple barrier system to ensure everyone goes in the right way and leaves the right way, no confusion, no hold ups and no queue jumping. (Which as we all know is a capital offence in the UK).

It appears that a popular tactic to use when you want to try to push in is to stand near the exit and feign confusion, generally look puzzled about whether it’s the entrance or the exit and wait to see if anyone takes pity and asks if you’d like to go next, queue jumping with permission. Does it work? No, not at this time of year (not ever I should imagine) no matter how well you act confused, or how obvious you make it that you only want a stamp and will be really quick –  queue up like every one else. It’s Christmas – deal with it.

I would like to point out how hard everyone involved in the parcel/letter delivery industry works, especially at this time of year, to make sure we get those important little boxes on time. Give them a break, getting impatient doesn’t make anything happen any faster and if you’re like me, if I hear the person behind me complaining or huffing I’ll take a little longer to do everything when it’s my turn to be served and make a point of an extra-long chat with the clerk. Play nicely people, it’ll be over soon.

December 5th

We had our December Sales Meeting and team Christmas lunch today and I resisted taking photographs of anyone in a silly hat this year, but let’s be honest, no one could ever beat Jan for silly hats and she’s not working with us anymore so a cracker hat would have paled in comparison.

We went to the Windmill in Portishead which, despite the restructure this year and the additional eight members of the team, still seems to be the South West Team venue of choice. The food and service is always good and for a lunchtime, sober meal it works for most of us as a central place to meet.

There was a bit of lighthearted joking about gender and the correct terms to use and James came up with one thing that women can do but men can’t. (I’ll forgive him for only coming up with one, let’s face it if he’d have listed everything woman can do that men can’t we’d have been there all day 😀)

The Chair challenge – I haven’t tested the theory yet but apparently men just can’t do it. Take a look – what do you think? Any men out there want to prove otherwise?

The Christmas Gin Box arrived today 😃🍸🍸