Remote Control

Isn’t this the perfect solution to remote working?

I love working from home when I can but the company I work for prefers a more traditional, office based, approach when it comes to admin days. My role is field based so for the majority of the working week I’m out face to face with clients and although, arguably, I could so the same thing via the phone/conference call/video etc there is nothing like a face to face meeting to build important relationships with my portfolio of clients and I wouldn’t change that.

Meetings generate admin and it’s good to plan in an admin day once a week. Everyone is different but I find when I work from home on an admin day I start much earlier than normal –  without the grind of the commute to face it’s wake up, shower, coffee then straight into it, on a good day I can get an early morning walk as well which really fires up the productivity.

I can wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, put on whatever music I want to, without fear of offending anyones musical taste (and who doesn’t love a bit of thrash metal to work to 😀), I can do everything that I can in the office at home (more in fact – our office landlines and company mobiles are barred for International and ROI calls and Skype makes connecting to the world so easy). I can always get a mobile signal, even though we’re not in the best area for connectivity our home set up is designed to overcome that.

And when I work from home I have an assistant. 😀



Let’s Talk About The Weather

I am British. That means (along with a whole heap of other complicated issues) that I have to talk about the weather.

2018 has stuck one finger up at the seasons and gone for an extra long Winter, skipped Spring, and headed straight to Summer. It hesitated today and decided to chuck some heavy rain into the mix, not too much, just enough to make the early BBQers hang fire (pun intended) and look to the kitchen grills for backup.

The May Bank holiday is only a few weeks away and then we’re full on into the UK Festival Season, there’s no Glastonbury this year so we should be free from any heavy and prolonged downfalls in June but I have no doubt that the weather will continue with it’s usual refusal to be predicted, remain a constant topic of conversation and wash out more than a few Festivals, Wedding, Events and BBQs before the year has finished

Here’s a memory from a long time ago, a festival, when the sun was shining – A Monkey on a motorbike. (taken on a Canon EOS 500 (remember film?) sometime back in the 90’s in a field, somewhere in England)

Alabama 3 At The O2 Oxford And The Great Phones At Gigs Debate

I don’t go to anywhere near as many live gigs as I used to. I can’t stand the big stadium gigs anymore and prefer to stick to smaller venues supporting independent artists wherever I can. The O2 in Oxford is probably the biggest venue I’ve been to for a while now and even that still feels quite intimate.

Friday night we went to see Alabama 3 at the O2 Oxford. I’m not known for my love of dancing at gigs, mainly because I have no rhythm, coordination or style on the dance floor but Alabama 3 is a band that no matter how badly I dance or how uncool I look I don’t care, I defy anyone to go and see them and not venture beyond the ‘tapping your foot on the spot and swaying a bit’ moves.

They were brilliant, I danced, I drank and I ached like f%*k the following day but it was worth it.

I rarely take pics at gigs unless I have a pass to take the ‘real’ camera in with me. As someone who’s a little on the short side it’s hard enough to see anything of the band at most venues as it is without someone waving their phone in the air in front of me trying to make a wobbly, out of focus, video that they can post on social media.

But it’s still nice to have clips we can look back at and most of the time there isn’t an official video and if there is it costs too much to be able to use and arguably by posting on social media we’re helping the band by promoting them?

With that in mind here’s a video that I found on youtube of my favourite Alabama 3 song. Buy their albums, go see them and Dance 🙂