The Brystal Maze


‘The Brystal Maze’ Gromit is showing his love for The Crystal Maze, the popular British gameshow, filmed right here in Bristol! Designed by The Crystal Maze and Richard Ayoade and painted by Susan Taylor, this incredible design is inspired by each of the four ‘zones’ of The Crystal Maze: Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Future. The ears of Gromit represent the iconic Crystal Dome found at the centre of the maze, with the nose as the coveted crystals that so many contestants try – and fail – to win! Sponsored by Bottleyard Studios, you can find him now at the Hengrove Promenade!

(Text reproduced from The Grand Appeal website)


Plooming Marvellous

Head over to Hartcliffe Community Farm Park and you’ll spy Feathers McGraw feeling (and looking!) as proud as a peacock following his latest heist. The diabolical penguin, designed by artist Amy Timms, is hardly recognizable as ‘Plooming Marvellous’ in his iridescent blue and green plumage. This vibrant peafowl is sponsored by Bristol Post.

(Text reproduced from The Grand Appeal website)

Dias de los Perros

This vibrantly painted ‘Dias de los Perros’ is inspired by the ‘Day of the Dead‘, celebrated in cultures throughout the world. Despite the skeleton appearance, this theme, painted by artist Gavin Strange, is far from spooky! The multi-day holiday focuses on family, community, heritage and traditions. Visit Arnos Vale to see this colorful sculpture in person!

(Text reproduced from The Grand Appeal website)

Massa Marittima

We recently spent a lovely, very relaxing, week in Tuscany. We stayed at the beautiful Valdonica Winery (more about Valdonica in a post to follow) nr Sassofortino. We spent the week touring the area and visiting some of the beautiful, mediaeval, walled towns and villages and enjoying the hospitality, the rejuvenation and the wine of Valdonica.

One of the cities was Massa Marittima, founded by the Etruscans, with it’s history closely linked to the Copper and Silver mines nearby.

At the centre of Piazza Garibaldi is Saint Cerbone’s Cathedral, first built in a pre-Romanesque style in the 12th century in order to shelter the remains of St. Cerbone.

It’s a stunning building, indicative of the many Churches and Cathedrals throughout Tuscany, a grand design, steeped in history and a focal point of the town.

(Artistic Temperament Scavenger Hunt – Something Old)