Identity Crisis Over?

The trouble with having a choice is that sometimes there’s just so much to choose from that I never make a decision. This can certainly be said of the theme for my blog. As is obvious from the huge gap between the last post and this one I’ve done very little to it since I started it on January 1st. Very little that is except change the theme. I’ve changed it almost weekly and must have tried them all at some stage but none have ever felt like a perfect fit, until now. It’s time to find a look and stick to it so it’s Twenty Ten for me, that’s it, decision made, no more changes…. maybe.


Is It Art?

There is no question that photography is a popular hobby, a craft, a trade for many, a profession for some, a tool of science and very likely a science in itself. Whether it is also an art used to be a question, but that argument is over.The use of a camera does not disqualify a photographer from being taken seriously as an artist, any more than the use of a typewriter disqualifies a poet, playwright or novelist

Introduction by the Editors – Time Life Books, the Art Of Photography 1971