I became the very happy owner of an iphone 4 in January 2011 and I love the camera and the amazing selection of apps that are available to edit and add special effects. There are plenty of people who will condem a camera phone, in the same way that the same people will dismiss an aim and shoot camera, simply because it’s not a (D)SLR and somehow not a ‘real’ camera. (Read – Why nobody should hate iphone photography)

I believe it’s the skill behind the lens, not the kit that makes a great photograph and although a good quality lens can make a difference on a professional, commercial level there are amazing photographs that have been taken with an iphone (and other equally good camera phones) and edited with the phone apps.

Take a look at

Misho Baranovic

Benedicte Guillan

Kochi Kernandez

Greg Schimgel

And search, there are many, many amazing photographs on the web taken on the iPhone (and other camera phones, but for the sake of this page, and my particular passion I’ve focused on the iPhone)

There are a multitude of apps available that make it really easy to crop, adjust, edit and add special effects and filters to your original shots, I’ve become a bit of an OGGL addict recently but the ones I use most frequently are…


Instagram (And if you’re a views/stats fan then check out Statigram)

Camera+ It’s a paid for app but well worth the very low cost.

ProCamera, great for taking the original shots, lots of ability to adjust focus and exposure there are some nice filters and some really good adjustment features which I don;t use anywhere near as often as I should. This is the app that I always use to take the shot then I upload to wherever I want to play with it afterwards.

Snapseed Another great app for filters, effect and adjustments including the ability to do some very fine tuning to straighten any slightly wonky shots.

Tiny Planet – Just for fun

There are lots more out there and it depends on what you want from an app, search, discover and enjoy using, in my opinion, the best camera phone there is.







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