Something For The Weekend.

Born from the original ‘5 Things On A Friday‘ started by James Whatley and still going strong here’s my version – Something For The Weekend.

There’s nothing clever about the title – I’ll never get into the habit of a regular Friday post and I can’t always find 5 things that I want to write about so it’s a weekly round up. I’ll post it sometime before Monday morning.  It’s a mix of the things that I’ve liked, noticed, bought, read, found interesting or just feel like mentioning this week. It’s also a good opportunity for me to learn more about using WordPress so I can do more on my self hosted site for my Wedding Photography business. It needs a complete redesign which is beyond my current WordPress skills so it’s a good job the love of my life is a (very patient) web developer

I started doing this back in 2014 which is why this is #7 (#1) but haven’t posted regularly for a while – it’s easy to let life get in the way of the things that you enjoy if you let it. I’m planning on working smarter, not harder this year and taking more time to enjoy life and the time I spend with the people I care about.

Can you say I do?

Even though we’re still cleaning pine needles out of the carpet the Valentine cards and associated tat is already in the shops reminding everyone that romance can be expensive.

Personally I don’t buy into the whole Valentines day card/present thing. We don’t bother with cards, I don’t need a card to know how he feels and it’s just a chance for someone else to profit. Don’t get me wrong I like a bit of romance, wining and dining always goes down well but we do that anyway, any day – there’s no need to allocate a special day for it (especially when eating out doubles in cost – what’s the Valentine equivalent to being a humbug?)

What if you don’t want a man/woman? What if you’re happy with life just the way it is, what if you and your Dog/Cat are all you need to make you happy?

Good news – now you can Marry your pet.

You’ve found your partner for life, only thing is – he’s an animal.
So what if he has an overabundance of legs, and facial hair is cool, right?
Go on, if you really love him and you’re in this for life, isn’t it time you married your pet?


Just pop over to and find all the answers you could ever need. Announce your engagement to the world, ask the resident agony aunt (Adrian) if he (or she? Surely it’s not just women who are this disillusioned with the idea of a human spouse?) is the one for you. You can get an Astrology based compatibility report and look at the gallery of happy couples.

It may be worth considering a pre nup, especially if you’re planning on married bliss with a cat – they are prone to wandering but, unlike a man, having them neutered is not frowned upon.

This Is A Thing, And It’s Wrong!

Wasabi Kit Kat anyone?


Or Geen tea maybe?


Or how about Baked Sweet Potato?


It should be Chocolate – Chocolate! Sweet, sugary Chocolate – any sort of savoury is not a KitKat, these are wrong. (Although I am tempted to buy one of them to see if they taste as bad as I imagine they do)

Hail Satan!

I know it’s not Christmas anymore (and I’m very happy about that) but we’re still ok for Snowmen right? If you’re having a bad day watch this – I dare you not to smile.


Pastafarian’ wins right to wear colander in driving licence photo



A man in Russia who identifies himself as a ‘pastafarian’ has won the right to wear a colander on his head in his driving licence photograph.

Andrei Filin is a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – a light-hearted United States-based faith which satirises organised religion.

Mr Filin said that the kitchenware was part of his religion. (source – BBC News)


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