Giving It All Away

That title may have been a little over dramatic.

I should clarify. I am (still) trying to declutter my life, physically, mentally and emotionally and that means getting rid of more stuff. I would like to add a disclaimer at this point.

I will never be a minimalist and that’s not my objective. I like stuff, I will always hoard and I will always keep a few things that have no real use or value but they remind me of someone or somewhere or of happy times.

So, I bought a book about tidying – it was recommended by my friend Natasha (aka Candy Pop) and I was curious so I bought it. (Yes – you really did just read that – I bought a book about tidying!)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever

I’m not going to follow all the advice (but you should see my sock draw now – folding is the way forward) but the one thing that has really stuck with me is the idea that when deciding if you should keep something or not ask yourself “does it bring you joy?”

If not – chances are you don’t really need it anymore. I am very guilty of keeping things just because I feel I should, because XYZ gave it to me, I won it as a prize, or it belonged to [insert person from my past here] or because it may come in useful one day.

So… Time to give it away – if it doesn’t bring me joy and I haven’t found a use for it yet then it goes. My aim is to give away (or sell) 50 things before the end of the 2015. I hate waste so Freegle and the local Charity shops will be the first port of call and I may even try my luck on eBay for a few things.

Lets kick off with some seasonal goodies. Christmas Cards. I rarely send cards (sorry friends) not because I’m tight but because it’s such a waste of resource and money. Instead I choose to donate the money that I probably would have spent on sending cards to all my friends (£20-£40) to a charity at Christmas. With social media, email, even the old fashioned phone/face to face visit, it’s so easy to say Happy Christmas. Instead of spending money on something that will gather dust in a home for a week or so spend it doing something that really helps someone or an animal charity – whatever drives your passion.

With that in mind these have been in a box through several house moves and I haven’t used them yet so time to let them go to someone who will. Clutter be gone.

Christmas Cards


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