Dust Off.

To restore something to use: The mechanic dusted off that old engine and sold it. 

dusted off last year’s winter coat and put it on. (http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/dust+off)

Hello Blog *get’s out the yellow duster that lives under the sink and an old strange smelling bottle of polish and gives the blog a squirt and a shine*

It’s been a while, sorry. I know I’ve said that before and I’m sure I’ll say it again but anyway – sorry.

What’s been happening this year so far? Lots and nothing all at the same time. I’m not trying to be cryptic but I always find the first few months of a new year to be a bit of a challenge. First up, January. Let’s be honest here, it’s not a good month. It’s cold, it’s got 31 days, the gainfully employed amongst us all got paid early in December and spent it weeks ago, it’s grey, it’s cold and even with a few Birthdays to look forward to it’s a depressing month. Then we have February, it’s the shortest month of the year so at least it’s over quickly. If we’re lucky there will be some snow, not too much, just enough for a few crisp, pretty days and a couple of photographs. My birthday is in February, I’m lucky that it’s after the January pay day and most of my friends are starting to come out of hibernation so there’s usually a few people around willing to raise a glass or two and help me celebrate.

This year there was a Wedding and gig on my Birthday and I was lucky enough to be given a photography pass for Gaz Coombes at the O2 so after taking some photo’s for our friends Sami and David at their wedding we headed into the O2 in Oxford to see Gaz Coombes. there were photo’s, dancing and drinking and all in all a pretty damn good day.


Speaking of Weddings and Live music. I took the photographs at my managers wedding at the end of February (no pressure!) The groom is the drummer with Leicester legends [The] Splitters who played a brilliant set at the reception. If you want to have a listen head over to the Bandcamp page and for an added bonus Ed Rome and Bella Edmunds were guests – another great British Ska band.

Claire and Fez

Even though it’s been a great start to the year it still feels a bit like I’m coming out of hibernation. I love the signs of Spring, the lighter mornings and longer days. Flowers, life and a promise of sunshine (fingers crossed) Here’s looking forward to spring.


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