Something For the Weekend

A round up of the things that caught my eye, made me smile, interested me, came in handy or taught me something this week.

It’s that time of year again.

Minimalist Posters for Horror Movies.

This one’s my favourite. The rest are over here.

Trick Or Treat.

Since moving to civilisation just over a year ago we can really get into the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween. My Pumpkin was carved and placed on the garden wall signifying a stash of sugar, E numbers and chocolate  for anyone who knocked on our door. These were our first visitors and scary Dad is going to be the source of my nightmares for weeks!


Edible Pumpkins. When did we start growing food that we sell in our supermarkets that’s not fit for consumption? Actually now I think about it…..

So, back to Pumpkins and the best Pumpkin Soup recipe I’ve found (so far)

Mamta Gupta – Kuddu Ka Soup – it’s delicious and perfect comfort food for Autumn evenings.

Pumpkin SoupAnd finally….

Just because it made me smile.



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