Something For the Weekend #5

A round up of the things that caught my eye, made me smile, interested me, came in handy or taught me something this week.

I’ve missed the last couple of weeks, busy times, including…

A Wedding

I had a great day taking photographs for Laura and Chris at their wedding. We were really lucky and the rain held off until all the formal shots had been done and the sun shone. There’s still a little editing and processing to do but the finished photographs should be on their way to the happy couple very soon.


The Best News Headline.


Full story here.

Image Craig ONeal – flickr

Be Nice

I have a habit of forgetting to put my debit card back in my purse after paying bills/buying online. It’s not normally a big problem, I usually get as far as the checkout in the local Tesco and then have to ask the checkout supervisors to hang on to my unpaid shopping for a while I hurry home, slightly embarrassed, and grab my card.

It happened again this week. Only I wasn’t in the local Tesco this time I was in Sainsburys in Hounslow, miles from home. I’d grabbed a meal deal for lunch and got as far as the checkout when I realised I’d left my card at home again. I apologised to the cashier and explained I was going to have to leave my shopping because I’d forgotten to bring my card and had no cash on me. The man behind me in the queue (mid/late twenties at a guess) smiled and handed me a £10 note and said ‘take this, I’ll get it for you’. Was still embarrassed at having a stranger pay for my lunch and being stupid enough to forget my card but it was such a lovely thing to do and made my day. In a world where the news is always so full of gloom and aggression it’s nice to be reminded that there are still a lot of nice people in this world. With that in mind I wanted to post this…

50 Ways To Brighten Someone’s Day (Lifehack)

Please note number 26. It feels good to do something nice and I will definitely pass the Karma on, go on, brighten up someone’s day.

Christmas is Coming.

Looking for some festive gift inspiration – check out the Top 10 Most Bizarre Things You Can Buy On Amazon (Listverse) Uranium? Wolf Piss? Any takers?

On that note – until next time…



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