Something For the Weekend #4

A round up of the things that caught my eye, made me smile, interested me, came in handy or taught me something this week.

A little late this week but I spent most of Saturday catching up with friends (and having a few drinks) and Sunday working on my photography website/blog (but that’s a post for another day)

A Toffee Wonk from The Rusty Bicycle(The best Toffee Vodka you will ever taste)

Toffee Wonk Assassin Creed Kittens

What’s not to love?


(More) Kittens On The Internet.

Great name for a band and great song, and you can download for free (if you want, but it’s polite to pay something and you can decide how much)

DIY Projects For Home Junk.

Anyone who knows me will testify that I have a hard time throwing things away (and an equally hard time not accepting others people junk just in case it comes in handy) so I’m permanently decluttering our home (and my life!)

If, like me, you’d rather find a use for something than send it to landfill then these DIY projects found on Lifehack may provide some inspiration. (Image – Lifehack)



Speaking of decluttering, if you’re having a clear out instead of heading to the tip it’s worth posting on Freegle (Or Freecycle, personally I prefer Freegle, but they both do the same thing). Just let the community know what you want to get rid of and what area they need to collect from, wait for the emails to come in, then decide who’s going to get it. They come and collect and it’s one less thing to go to landfill – simple! (I should warn you that’s it’s also very easy to see things posted that you want yourself and end up with even more stuff cluttering your home but I have picked up some real gems over the years – another post for another day.


Our First Year Of Living In Oxford.

On September 30th The Man and I celebrated our fist anniversary of becoming full time residents of Oxford.

It’s been a great year with lots of changes and new adventures (but that’s a whole post in itself – coming soon) but safe to say it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made.





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