Something For the Weekend

A round up of the things that caught my eye, made me smile, interested me, came in handy or taught me something this week.

Drunken Seagull

I'm Just A Soul Who Is Misunderstood


Councils across the country are taking action to tackle the “growing menace” of aggressive seagulls, fuelled by a diet of flying ants…    Read More

I like Seagulls. I know I’m probably in a minority but when you read this article it might change your opinion a little. There has definitely been some season creep this year in the UK with flowers blooming earlier and uncharacteristic weather for the times of year and one of the results has been flying ants swarming earlier than normal. Apparently the formic acid in ants is a bit like a Tequila slammer to the average Seagull so they’ve been celebrating spring and summer by acting like a stereotypical Brit on a booze fuelled package holiday – excited, loud and annoying.

Councils around the country are trying to take action against Seagulls by Bird proofing rubbish bins and all sorts of pest control measures but Seagulls still manage to get the upper hand in most cases –

“they are wasting money on this stuff because seagulls are just too clever.”

So hats off to the Seagulls I say. If we as a nation didn’t buy so much junk food then throw the excess that we either can’t stomach or just can’t finish into bins at the roadside/seaside/service stations or, even worse, just toss from our car/van windows with no thought for the environment to litter the road and seaside then they’d have nothing to scavenge and they’d have to queue at the Kebab shops, late at night like every other badly behaved drunken Brit.

Steven Seagull

(Source Funny Melon)

The List Serve.

If you could send an email to 1 million people what would you say. Join ‘The Listserve‘ – you might just get the chance.

The Following (Series 2) and Soundtracks

This is a twofer (2for1) post. the first part is finishing the second series of The Following. Kevin Bacon (Yes I admit it, I have always has a teeny crush, ever since FootlooseTremors and Flatliners) serial killers, cults, control and just the right mix of wtf! (Lets not forget the very charismatic James Purefoy)

The second, (bonus post) is the soundtrack. There are some great songs. I don’t think it’s been released as a collection yet but it should be. This is my favourite discovery. A great cover of a great song and the perfect backdrop for the scene.

And you can (legally) download the whole album for free here. It’s one of my favourites at the moment.


I am on a labour of love. I have a huge box of old negatives that have been gathering dust (literally) for decades. I also have a huge box of old photographic prints that have been equally neglected.

The Plan.

Scan all of the negs into my Mac

Match the negs to the physical prints and then delete the negs that I have prints for (maybe a little photoshop/manipulation on any that lend themselves to it first)

Put the prints that I want to keep in Photo Albums

Print the negs that I don’t have prints for and add those to the photo albums.

Bin/delete the rest.

It could take a while – there are some very big boxes, lots of years, lots of photographs and lots of memories good and bad. Deleting/binning may be easier said than done. There’s a lot of history in those photographs.


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