Scavenger Hunt 101 – A Locally Owned Restaurant

Atomic Burgers

There were a few to choose from for this, Odiham had some lovely restaurants and The Grapevine was a favourite of ours and the place that The Man chose to propose to me so it will always be special but now we live in Oxford so I’ve chosen Atomic Burgers.

It’s a great place to eat, especially if you are of a certain age and more than a little geeky. Filled with toys and memorabilia from childhood days. Star Wars, Dr. Who, Gremlins, Marvel and Dangermouse surround you with a huge TV that replays classic TV and cartoons quietly entertaining in the background.

When I needed to find a new home for my 6ft cardboard cut out of Darth Vader (don’t ask) it seemed only right that he retired to Atomic and now stands guard on the emergency exit, if you’ve ever used the toilets there you may have seen him.




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