Scavenger Hunt 101 – A Cat

I was tempted to post a photograph of Smodge, that Cat that allows us to share a home with him but I’ve got lots of photographs of him so it’s hard to choose and although he’s No.1 Cat he’s not the only Cat to leave a memory in my life. We lived on a farm for 5 years with a large colony of Farm Cats. It’s always a danger to get too attached, the worse thing you can do is give them names but I couldn’t help it. There were so many loveable cats and they deserved better.

Our Landlady/Landlord owned and lived on the farm and they encouraged the cats to help control the rodents on the farm. They fed them but beyond that they did nothing but put the odd one out of it’s misery now and again, and I quote when we went to then to tell them that we’d seen a cat that was clearly suffering “what do you want us to do – hit it over the head with a brick?”

I’m a townie and could never understand the attitude they had towards the Cats, and I never will. As far as I’m concerned if you want them to work for you the very least you can do is provide some basic vet care, even if that’s no more than a kind release when they need it.

We called him Frank. He looked like a Frank. He was gentle and calm and the patriarch of the colony. So obviously the Father to so many of the kittens and a wise old soul. In the 5 years we lived there I never heard him make a sound, we also called him Silent Bob but he was always Frank.

We would have adopted him in a heartbeat but he was set in his ways. He would pop round for some food but never let you touch him. He’d sit close, but not too close and watch with a look of wisdom that set him apart from the rest of the Farm Cats. He never came indoors, close but never quite in the house.

In the end the only thing we could do for him was take him to the vets when the time came and stop his pain.

Sleep well Frank. A true gent.



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