10 Places in 2014 #1 Hay On Wye

One of my (not quite) 43 things is to visit 10 places in England before the end of 2014 that I’ve never been to before.

This may be harder than I think. My jobs (s) have taken me all over the country over the last 8 years so I’ve seen a lot of England even if I’ve not had as much time as I would like to appreciate the places I’ve been to and there are a lot of beautiful, fascinating places in this country that I want to see. 10 Places, by the end of 2014 that I’ve never been to before. Photo’s to be posted.

1. Hay On Wye 01/06/2014. We decided on a day in Hay On Wye, I love just heading away at the last-minute because it just seems like a good idea.

We headed up to Henley-In-Arden on Saturday night to spend the night with my fiancé’s Mum then all three of us set off early on Sunday to drive to Hay On Wye.

She suggested it a while ago and as the Literary Festival was in it’s last day today it seemed like a good opportunity to see a bit of the town and experience the festival. I know she used to visit with her husband, who sadly died, so I think it was a bit of a mixed day for her. Revisiting old haunts and reliving old memories, happy memories but tinged with sadness. It’s a lovely town and we only saw a little of it so it’s definitely going to be on the list for a revisit in the future.

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