Scavenger Hunt 101 #1 A Boat Without A Motor.

When I started this blog the idea (hence the title) was all about what I do with my time. Not just the hours in the day but to keep a diary for myself of what I do with my life. I’ve also got

A project I started a while ago (2010) was a challenge I found on flickr – Scavenger Hunt 101 There’s a list of 101 photographs to take that was created on the original flickr group and all photographs must have been taken after you joined the group. As I joined back in 2010 there will be a few from the archives. The ‘advised’ timescale to complete the challenge was a year but it was never a race for me and I wanted to avoid falling into the trap of taking crap photographs just for the sake of ticking another one off of the list which was something I found myself doing when I did my 366 project.

No deadlines, no rush just some photographic inspiration and some fun with a camera (or two)

#1 A Boat Without A Motor.

A Boat Without A Motor (21/03/2010)


The List




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