This Time Last Year #67

This time last year – November 24th – December 8th 2012.

In case you haven’t looked back to the start of my ‘This time last year’ posts (you haven’t? Why not?) a quick explanation may be needed (especially as I’m still catching up and a more accurate description would be ‘This time a year and few months ago’)

Photojojo (who sell lots of gadgets and helpful things for anyone interested in photography and some very cute frivolous things as well. They are also a great source for ideas, projects and inspiration  – I recommend a look) will make you a Photo Time Capsule taken from the photographs in your flickr stream. If you’d like one of your own sent to your inbox here’s the link.

Way back when I had no idea what I was going to post on my blog (still have no idea now either but I’m getting better at making it up as I go along) I decided to post a photograph taken a year ago, from the selection in my time capsule. It’s a nice way to fill a post or two and look back and remember what I was up to back then.

So… December 2012, preparing for Christmas, just started a new job at UK Mail and Dave the Dalek was still in residence.



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