5 Things I Liked This Week

5 things that made me happy last week… #3

1. Easter Eggs.

No, I haven’t started shopping early for the next big commercial fest (although even though I hate creme eggs on their own, these creme egg brownies look quite tempting – but I digress)

Easter Eggs are sneaky bits of code hidden in websites by developers just for fun (it’s a geek thing) often discovered by using the sequence (arrow keys) ↑↑↓↓←→←→ b a

There’s a list of a few to try here and it’s worth going to the Vogue and GQ websites for some very classy dinosaurs, just use the sequence with the arrow keys to find them.

2. A Cat Playing A Theremin.

I’ve always wanted a Theremin – wonder if I could get a duet going with The Boy


3. Opening The New Jar Of Coffee.

Or rather beating Matt to opening the new jar of coffee. He’s a ‘stick a spoon through the middle of the foil’ sort of person and I’m a ‘run my finger nail around the edge to remove a perfect circle of foil’ sort of person. I like my instant coffee to be neat and tidy.

4. The Soundtrack That Has Never Been Released, But Should Be.

This is one of those ‘by association’ likes. A friend posted the latest Superbowl advert on Facebook. There are puppies and it’s really ‘cute’.

Which reminded me of the 2013 Superbowl Honda Advert, which made us all think for one, brief, exciting moment that Ferris was coming back.

Which reminded me of one of my all time favourite movies and a movie soundtrack which has never been released but really needs to be, so my number 4 this week is the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off soundtrack, courtesy of Whatleydude.

Ferris Bueller OST

5. Happy Days

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Scott 25/01/2014.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott


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