5 Things #1

Happy New Year.

We made it through Christmas. Through the mania that is ‘peak’ in the courier industry, through the politics and the potential minefield that is Christmas with the in laws, through the endless re runs of old movies and the tedium of Christmas TV (with one or two exceptions) and through the excess of alcohol and mountain of festive food. Welcome to 2014.

I thought I’d get the 5 things posts off to a nice early start this year (and try to keep it up) and the weathers crap at the moment with most of the UK a sodden mess of rain, floods and howling wind so it’s good to remember there are still plenty of reasons to be happy.

So… 5 things that made me happy last week…

1. Poetry 

I came across the To This Day viral, a poem by Shane Koyczan. I’m not going to try to explain it, it needs no explanation, just watch it.

This reminded me of a lovely evening we spent just before Christmas at Somerville College for one of All Tamara’s Parties. There was some great Music, Candy Says, Count Drachma and Tamara but the highlight for me for that evening was the poetry of Caroline Bird [Current fave – Mystery Tears].  I even bought a book, a real book with the potential for bookmarks, turned corners and a cracked spine. The MC for the night was George Chopping – check out Smoking With Crohn’s

Candy Says at Somerville College 13/12/2013

2. Feeling New (Year)

I love the New Year, the feeling that something amazing is starting. A whole 365 days ahead of new adventures, new experiences, just new everything. It’s a clean slate day full of good intentions, they may not last but for a while at least it feels like anything is possible, it’s up to every one of us if we make the most of the opportunities the year will bring or just let our lives drift on.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. – Mark Twain.

3. Lightbulb moments.

Isn’t it nice when you finally ‘get’ something. I had a lightbulb moment with an Excel spreadsheet this week when (basic) formula’s finally made sense. It might not seem like a huge achievement if you’ve already mastered formula’s and pivot tables but for me it was a moment of brilliance. Formulas suddenly clicked! (I had help – Matt explained the theory in a way that worked for my mathematically challenged mind) there’s no stopping me now.

4. Little People

I discovered the work of Slinkachu a while ago and treated myself to Little People In The City but there are more, probably many more. This week I came across the work of Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Minimiam, meaning ‘Mini Yum’ is a ‘creative union’ of the husband and wife, letting lots of little people go about their daily lives using food to tell their stories. It may not be original anymore but I am getting me some little people this year.


5. A Different kind of 365.

So I’m still struggling through my 366 project (366 because it’s birthday to birthday, struggling because daily inspiration is a lot more elusive than I thought) and I’ve been looking at a lot of other 365’s around the web both for inspiration and motivation (there are a LOT than never reached the end – smug points if I make it). I really like this one, 365 days of balloons – now that is a lot of work and needs serious dedication.


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