(9/52) 5 Things I Liked This Week

So 9 posts out of a possible 52 (so far) is pretty poor. There’s been a lot going on this year and I’ve been guilty of forgetting to just sit back, take a bit of time out and enjoy all the good things that have gone on so with that in mind, a little late in the year maybe, I bring you the return of ‘5 Things’ (I liked last week).

1. Norman Reedus and his cat. He kills zombies, he looks good he cuddles cats and he takes photographs – what’s not to like?

2. Dancing Dogs.

3. Putting the Christmas Tree Up. Well it is December and I never could resist fairy lights.

4. Buying real CD’s (and supporting independent artists)

5. Living In Oxford. Ok I know this is a bit generic but we’ve been here for two months now and it really feels like home.


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