An Apology.

Dear Blog.

I have neglected you. I haven’t visited, I haven’t written, I haven’t paid you any attention since July! Four months without so much as a word from me, you deserve better, I’m sorry.

So what have I been doing instead of Blogging? Well, we decided to move. To be honest we decided to move years ago but never actually got round to it. For five years we lived on a farm on the outskirts of Odiham. It was a lovely place to live in the summer but desolate in the winter. There was no access to any form of public transport apart from taxi’s, even walking the two and a half miles to the local village was impossible because the first mile was along a main A road with no pavement. Unless you wanted to walk through muddy fields you took your life in your hands.

Goodbye Odiham

So back in July we decided to (finally) do it! We settled on moving to Oxford with the goal of being out of Odiham and resident in Oxford by the end of October.

Moving house is stressful! Finding a house was stressful! Getting the money together for the deposit and first months rent in advance was stressful! Decluttering, packing and finding a removal company was stressful! We finally found a house that was perfect for us mid August and then began a manic couple of weeks of references, deposit paying and a bit of a bidding war with another prospective tenant before finally getting a moving in date – 30th September.

We’ve been in Oxford for nearly two months now and love it. It’s an amazing City and it’s lovely to be able to see our friends who live here regularly without having to plan a major road trip and a weekend cat sitter, and there are buses! It’s so easy to take public transport for granted when it’s easily available but after over ten years of limited or no access being able to jump on a bus and head into town and know that we can get back late at night just as easily is a luxury.

Hello Oxford, Hello Social Life

Prepare for a flurry of posts catching up on photographs and events over the last few months and I promise to pay more attention to you [Blog] from now on.



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