The A31 was closed on the morning I took this for accident investigation so to get to my meeting in Ringwood I had to drive through the New Forest. I couldn’t resist a quick stop on the way back to photograph a couple of the New Forest Ponies. This was post processed with a preset in Lightroom which is based on B&W but focuses on Red/Brown with an Antique look. I really like it for this sort of scene, makes it feel a little desolate but I think it works.

Sadly I saw a dead Pony en route, obviously a victim of a car. I struggle to see how anyone could knock a Pony over, I know they suffer a lot of deaths from car accidents and I can’t help but think most could be avoided. Surely even if you don’t care enough about the Ponies to slow down then the potential level of damage to your car if you hit one should make you think twice about your speed through the Forest? The speed limit is 40mph through most of it and I’m not sure that’s not too fast but when there’s every chance that a Pony could run out from anywhere at any time you’d slow down – wouldn’t you?


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