Birthday Dessert (With Candle).

This is the start of my 365 project, well actually a 366. As next years birthday is a biggie rather than start on January 1 I thought it would be interesting to try to take a photograph every day between my birthday this year and the rather large milestone coming up next. (hence 366 – birthday to birthday), and I never got round to starting it on New Years day!

I will (try) to take a photo every day and if I miss one or two there will be no cheating and changing the dates. I won’t necessarily post on the day it was taken as hopefully there will be lots of days when I’m enjoying life way too much to sit in front of a computer or post on the move so there may be some catching up on posting – I’ll post a few of my favourites on my blog and the rest will be in a set in my flickr stream. There will be fillers and there will be cats, other than that no hard and fast themes, rules or restrictions, just a record of the year of my mid life crisis. For the full year of pics click here.

This was taken in El Castello in Odiham. The food is delicious but my one criticism is that the staff don’t make you feel as welcome as I’d like. When you book a table (which we’ve only done once, the only other time we’ve been it’s been as a walk in) they tell you what time you need to leave by when they take the booking. I understand that as a business it’s important for them to get the maximum number of covers to stay profitable and in reality we would probably have left long before they told us we needed to without having been given a time limit, I’ve never felt rushed, but I still don’t like being told when I need to leave before I’ve even sat down to order. The staff aren’t rude or unhelpful but somehow they never seem friendly either, I asked, a little tongue in cheek, for a candle with my dessert as it was my Birthday and was made to feel like I’d really put them out with my request. There was no happy Birthday, no smile and a very reluctant candle. The food is lovely so I’d still recommend it but a smile or two would make the world of difference.


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