(8/52) 5 Things I Liked This Week

It’s been a while since I did a five things – again. I’ve only managed 8 this year which makes for a lot of weeks that I haven’t been inspired to ‘like’ anything which makes me sad. I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down with the stresses of work and life and forgotten to stop and think about the positives and the things that make me happy. In a week that has started on a huge downer (that maybe a future post but it’s not something to dwell on now) it seems more important than ever to focus on the good things.

1. Halloween. Or rather an excuse to get messy, carve a pumpkin and take a few pics. Generally accompanied by a glass of wine and a roaring log fire

2. Rediscovering Film. Getting the negs back from an old disposable camera with film that had expired back in 2003 and finding out that the pics had come out and posting them to the 100 Week. (Technically it was last week but I didn’t do a ‘five things’ last week and I’m still pleased that it came out). Also on a related subject one of the other cameras I released for the Disposable Memory Projectcamera 415 has finished it’s journey and made it all the way from Odiham to Iceland. Can’t wait to see the results.

3. Discovering New Music. This is a common thread in my ‘five things’ and this one was a tweet I noticed offering a free download of an album by Scrimshire. Never one to pass up on a freebie or the chance to listen to something new I downloaded his first album (free on bandcamp until Monday 29th October) It’s a very chilled, slightly jazzy, slightly folksy perfect album to relax to and I will be back for more.

4. Chance Meetings. We decided to head out to a near by village for The Upton Grey Autumn Festival so before we went I popped into the local Tesco to grab some food for dinner later and bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. By coincidence he, and his wife, live in the village we were off to for the afternoon so we met up and spent an hour or so in the local pub then went back to their (lovely) new house for a nose around, a glass of wine, some very nice homemade cheesecake and a catch up on life. It made me realise how insular we’ve both become recently. The pressures of work have been immense for both of us and we’ve been guilty of neglecting our friends and become ‘stay at homes’. This needs to change.

5. Taking Photographs. I don’t make anywhere near as much time as I should to just get out with my camera but the Upton Grey Festival was a great excuse to just enjoy taking photographs. With over 40 Guys spread throughout the village it was lovely to have a wander through a lovely Hampshire village and try to capture some of the Guys that the residents had put so much effort into for the festival. I promise (myself) that whatever happens over the next few weeks/months I WILL get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside and eclectic events more often and spend more quality time with my camera.

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