Running Out Of Time?

I’m a bit obsessed with time. I worry that I’m wasting time and my well overdue mid life crisis will hit and I still won’t feel like I’ve done enough with the time I have had  or that I have enough plans to make the most of however long I have left. I worry that I never seem to be able to fit all the work that I need to do into the time I have to do it. I worry about sell by dates, deadlines, targets and how long it is until the next payday. Just lately I seem to worry a lot.

It would appear that one thing I don’t need to worry about is the expiry date on film. In the grand scheme of life it’s not a big deal but I released two cameras as part of the Disposable Memory project a while ago that I’d been given from someone on freecycle which were way past their expiry date and I was a little worried that they might travel the world and capture someone’s memories then turn out to be a dud and those memories would be lost just because I was trying to make the most of something that would otherwise have ended up adding to landfill.

I tested one of the expired disposable cameras I had left for the 100 Week project and as this one was older than the ones I released I’m happy that all memories (except any taken in low light) will have been safely captured and preserved.  If you’d like to see where camera 415 has been click here.

So, for the 100 week I used an Agfa 400asa Lebox that expired in 2003 and I’m quite pleased with the results. I don’t think a disposable camera with no flash would have coped any better in low light if it was still in date than this one did and for a film that expired 9 years ago they came out pretty well. (click on any image to view large/slideshow)


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