(6/52) 5 Things I Liked This Week

It’s been a while since I posted 5 Things. There have been lots of things I should have mentioned but the last couple of months have been so hectic at work it feels like life has just rushed past me.

1. It was a short week. I’m not a huge Royalist and even if some of the celebrations appeared a little forced and maybe a bit fake at times it was still nice to see a bit of patriotism and even nicer to have four glorious days off. Shame about the weather but it wouldn’t be a proper British Bank holiday without rain.

2. An air show in our back garden! This is really a carry over from last week as the actual event was on Friday 01/06 but I’m including it because the aircraft were parked up over the weekend and constantly taking off so we got an extended view. We live at the end of RAF Odihams runway on a lovely Farm and once a year they have a families day for the service men and women and their families and friends which always includes displays by some amazing aircraft. For the last two years I’ve booked the day off from work and sneaked *cough* onto the base to watch and take photographs. This year caught me unaware, it was earlier in the year than it has been for the previous two and I had no idea it was on. By a happy coincidence I was working from home at the time. Although I couldn’t spend the day watching and didn’t have the right lens to get the sort of shots I would have liked it was pretty hard to concentrate on work with a Eurofighter buzzing around the farm and I had to sneak one or two with the only long lens I have. This was shot with a 70-300mm lens that is stuck on a focal length of around 150mm after being dropped  the good news is lens saved the camera so it’s not all bad.

And this is ‘the one’ that I really wish I’d had the right kit for *sigh*

3. Hope & Socials latest Crypt Cover.

4. Simons Cat. I can’t help but smile when I watch these.

5. New Music. We had a lovely afternoon at The Alresford Music Festival on Saturday. One band stood out for me – Bigtopp. Portsmouth based, ska, reggae and a bit of punk. I got the feeling they were used to a more lively crowd and maybe the mid afternoon slot didn’t do them justice but definitely one to watch

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