Do Something Selfless Today – It’s Good For The Soul

I was thinking today about the difference it can make when you do something to help someone else and you know it really makes a difference. It feels good. No one should ever spend their life trying to please other people, we all need to be ourselves and look after ourselves and our own family and friends but it doesn’t take much to be nice to other people. Sometimes something as simple as a smile, holding a door or just being happy and patient can make the world of difference to someone else. Anyone who works in a service industry and has to deal with customers will know what I mean. I visit this site quite a lot, it’ a happy positive website and although some of the references only relate to America (hello US friends) it’s worth a read. Do something selfless and help someone else, it’s a nice feeling.

60 Selfless Ways To Pay It Forward – Marc And Angel Hack Life.


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