Past Times

I’ve felt a bit restless of late. I need to change something but I don’t know what, probably something big but maybe not, if I knew what I needed I could go all out to get it but I don’t, I just feel restless, fidgety, antsy.

I started to look back on the last few years. I moved from the chaos of my life in London to the relative calm of Odiham in 2004 and started a business with two business partners. For lots of reasons it didn’t work out and we all went our separate ways but there were a lot of good times and I don’t regret the move. I needed the change, when I moved out of London I was on a rapid road to self-destruction and my life and lifestyle has changed so much since I left I barely remember the person I was. If I hadn’t moved to Odiham I would never had met Matt so maybe it was meant to be – sliding doors?

I started a couple of blogs when I moved to Odiham, one for the business and one for me and it’s kind of nice to be able to look back at them and remember and to see how my life has changed. I often wonder what I would have written/published back in the Streatham/Tooting years if I was into blogging back then or if the social media we have today existed then. I’d like to look back at it but I’m not sure I’d want it to be out there in the public domain some things are best left in the past 🙂

Watch this space.


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