Do You Procrastinate?

I never seem to get to the end of my things to do list and to be honest I’m not sure we are ever meant to. There will always be new tasks, more to do, ongoing developments in projects, work and life in general so there’s nothing wrong with always having something to do. What about those things that have been on the list for longer than the rest. The things we may not want to do even though we need to? Are you guilty of procrastinating? I know I am, so I thought this list of 50 things you’re putting off that you’ll regret later might be a handy prompt to get on with the less pleasant, more mundane tasks in life.

(Source – Time Management Ninja)

  1. Doing the #1 task on your todo list.
  2. Making that phone call.
  3. Getting the car maintenance done.
  4. Fixing something that is out-of-order.
  5. Going to the doctor.
  6. Getting enough sleep.

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