Backdating Posts – Does It Matter?

How do you feel about backdating blog posts? Does everyone do it? Is it acceptable, is it cheating?

I do it. For instance I’ve just started 30 Days Of Instagrams and I take the photographs every day but don’t always get a chance to post on the same day so when I post I date the post to the day I took the photograph.

I always have a collection of draft posts sitting on my dashboard, half written musings or an observation from the day and if I go back and finish them I post them on the date I started them, especially if the subject is relevant to something that happened on that particular day.

I also go back and correct grammar and spelling errors that I didn’t notice the first time. I always try to spell check and proof read before I publish but sometimes you still miss the odd mistake or feel like a tweak or two will make things read better.

So should I feel guilty about the odd back posting or alteration? What does everyone else do, thoughts and comments please.




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