5 Things I Liked This Week

1. The Cat invasion. Cat invades football pitch. It looks remarkably calm for a cat that’s in the middle of a field surrounded but who knows how many thousand people so I’m assuming it must be a domestic cat that’s been there before.


2. I had a birthday. I’m older than I’d like to be and not a wise as I’d hoped to be but I had a lovely day and I’m happy to be here, healthy and have the friends that I have. what more could you want.

3.My first trip of the year to the Isle Of Wight. I usually go over there at least once a month for client meetings and it’s always a pleasure.

Day 2 - Heading Home

4. Stepping on the scales and seeing 3lb less of me than there was last week. (Yes, I am on a diet – again)

5. Hearing that camera 415 is on it’s way. It’s been found and passed on and may well be on it’s way to Iceland.


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