30 Days Of Instagrams – Maybe.

There are a lot of memes floating around the Internet. 365’s, 52 weeks, 1 a day, questions, thoughts, music, the lists are endless.

I keep starting 365 projects on flickr that usually run out of steam by around day 5 but I need something to help keep the creative motivation going, especially over the winter months when most of the time I’d rather be hiding under the duvet with a stack of DVD’s a couple of good books, a bottle of wine and a hot man (not necessarily in that order) so I thought a 30 day project might be more suited to my level of concentration so here goes – 30 days of Instagrams.

There are lots of variations of this particular theme if you look but I want to make this as simple as possible, I don’t need to add any extra stress to my life at the moment so it’s just going to be an instagram a day – no lists, themes or titles, just a photograph of whatever I want to photograph. One a day for 30 days.

I’m starting on my birthday (cue mid life crisis) because Matt gave me a card that made me feel much better about the whole late forties thing so I took a photo of it.

Day 1 – Happy Birthday To Me.


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