5 Things I Liked This Week

Five Three Things I Liked This Week

This was a crap week, and there were only three things that I liked about this week although they were really good things so maybe that cancels out the other two?

1. My New car arrived. On Monday 30th at 8.30am a very nice man from Specialist Cars, on behalf of Lex delivered my shiny red BMW 1 series. This makes up for whatever shit the rest of the week threw at me. As company cars go it’s really rather nice and it makes me (and the sheep) very happy.

2. I won the lottery! £102 may not be enough to retire but it’s better than a bit of scrap paper.

3. The Six Nations started, probably the only sporting event that I ever watch with any dedication, and Wales beat Ireland in what was a very exciting match to watch.


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