5 Things I Liked This Week

I had a week off this week, or at least that was the theory! Our holiday year runs from the beginning of February to the end of January so, like a lot of people I’ve tried to use it not lose it. As I hadn’t planned on going away anywhere I used a couple of days to catch up on a few work related bit and pieces. It was quite nice to be able to legitimately turn the phone off, ignore emails and just get things finished. So… what else was good this week?

1. Getting a haircut. I went short this week! It’s got a bit tatty lately, too many colours, too much hairdryer and too much frizz so I had it chopped short and it feels (and looks) much better.

2. Having a bit of ‘me time’. Sometimes it’s just nice to spend a bit of time in your own company and do what ever you want with the day.

3. Getting creative on a college shoot. I spent Thursday evening with three of my fellow students and our model – Grace – at South Hill Park in Bracknell shooting a fashion assignment for our coursework. The next couple of weeks are all Photoshop lessons for the post processing, not my favourite part of the course but necessary, especially for fashion.

4. Eating out. We had a night out with friends at one of the local restaurants – The Mill House, I ate too much and drank far too much wine but it was a lovely evening and something we really should do more often.

5. Releasing my first camera for the Disposable Memory Project – a global photography experiment. Wonder how far it will travel?

Update – Camera 415 has been found and is on it’s way.


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