5 Things I Liked This Week

I’ve been a bit slack with last weeks 5 things. Partly because work is manic at the moment which means that finding time for personal projects has been difficult and it’s not only manic but pretty stressful so it’s been a bit of a struggle to remember 5 things that I liked about last week. This week may not be the most inspiring 5 of the year but they brightened up a tough week.

1. Discovering new music in unusual places. It’s always nice to find new music or to discover a band or artist that you’ve never heard before. I don’t listen to the radio very often and I don’t get out to gigs anywhere near as much as I’d like to (the downside of living in the sticks) so my introductions are usually via friends or social media but every now and again I stumble across something by accident which is always a nice surprise. Last week I was having a quick look at a You Tube video which had Ratatat as a soundtrack and really liked the song (Wildcat) so much so that I downloaded the album it’s good car music and is definitely last weeks favourite album.

2. Trying the company phone sim card in my Sony W995 and discovering that the phone’s not locked so I can use it as a company phone from now on. A better option that the standard Nokia that we get and it stores more contacts which is a godsend when you spend half your life in the car.

3. Eating a few Frogs! Figuratively speaking of course. It’s been a week for getting a lot of those nasty tasks that I’ve put off out of the way and I feel a lot happier for it.

4. Getting a phone call from Lex to say my new company car is going to be delivered the Monday after next – I’m a little bit excited *big grin*. (And yes, it will be a red one)

5. Having Friday off. Got to use that holiday up before I lose it and Friday’s always a good day not to be at work.


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