5 Things I Liked This Week

I am not ashamed to admit I copied this idea from warriorgirl aka She Makes War (If you don’t have any of her music yet download it straight away, your ears will thank you) who in turn copied it from whatleydude who copied it from Hugh Garry, I think that’s covered all the necessary credits.

Anyway, it may not be original but I really like the idea for several reasons…

  1. It will encourage me to blog more, it’s unlikely I’ll achieve a post every week but anything that makes me think and write is a good thing.
  2. It’s a nice way to share with friends.
  3. It makes me think about the good things that have happened in the week and serves as a reminder that no matter how crap you think things are there’s always something to be happy about.

So… to start things off 5 Things I liked this week.

1. Emptying my handbag to get rid of all the things I don’t need to carry around with me and finding £15 in it that I didn’t know I had.

2. Going to work on a frosty morning and finding this in the ice on the windscreen of my car.3. Stretching out Christmas with a visit to the Mother In Law who was away in sunnier climes and a lovely necklace as a present as well as lots of other goodies.

4. A thank you from our neighbour.

5. Leaving work on Friday just in time to catch the last few moments of an amazing sunset and having my camera in my car.



2 thoughts on “5 Things I Liked This Week

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