I’ve been on a, long overdue, health kick lately, trying to shape up and get fit again. I seem to have hit a bit of a sticking point over the last couple of weeks. Nothings gone on but not very much has come off either, only about 2Lb over the last three weeks but I’ve managed 1 1/2 stone in the last 12 weeks so I’m feeling pretty pleased with my efforts so far.

It’s perfectly natural to hit a plateau when you’re trying to lose weight, you’re body adjusts to the changes you’re making and compensates by hanging on to its energy supplies. This is the point where you either have to eat even less or up the exercise, with the latter being the healthiest option. The trouble is Winter’s well on its way and that makes finding the motivation to exercise much harder. I enjoy going for a walk on a lovely sunny morning, or jumping on the exercise bike looking out of the window at a bright blue sky or a gorgeous sunrise but come the dark evenings and grey mornings all I want to do is stay safely curled up under the duvet until spring.

Even the BBC has something to say on the subject – Does too little sunlight give us all the Winter Blues?

I went looking for some ideas to help beat the Winter Blues and found some interesting articles around the interwebs.

  1. 10 Cool ways to Beat the Winter Blues
  2. How To Improve Your Mood in 21 Ways
  3. How To Feel Better In The Winter (Workawesome via Lifehacker – top site)
  4. Stay Happy During A Cold Winter (Wiki How)
There are lots of good ideas in all of them and there are many more around if you have a look. I’m planning on trying a few of them and working hard at fighting the flab with lots of exercise which is one thing that everyone seems to agree is good for you, at any time of year, especially in Winter.

If all else fails there’s always mulled wine, hot toddy and blazing log fires to curl up in front of, they make not make the Winter misery go away but they do feel good and anything that makes you happy (in moderation) is never a bad thing.


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