Shutter Loves Aperture Forever

I love taking photographs and I’m addicted to photo apps on the iphone. I have way too many of them but as I’m no great writer having my phone with me wherever I go makes it easy to create a visual diary. Photographic records of day-to-day life, moods, noticings and events and they seem just a little more interesting with a few special effects.

But there’s still room in my life for a bit of a film fix now and then. I’ve built up a collection of vintage film cameras and one or two more modern versions and all the time I’m still at college I have the benefit of a darkroom which saves a fortune on developing costs.

I’ve just been given a couple of cameras and some lovely old photography books by a friend (Thanks Carol) which included ‘The All-In-One Camera Book’ by W.D Emanuel I’m not sure how many editions there have been altogether but I have the 61st edition which from what I can tell was published in 1968. As well as a lot of advice and information that is still relevant even in the digital age it has some wonderful illustrations of camera’s, shutters, tripods and film and a bit of app treatment makes a much nicer way to share than just a scan.

Shutter Loves Aperture


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