Getting All My Ducks In A Row.

This last week has been a surreal week to say the least. I had one phone interview which may have lead to a face to face as the next step, one face to face second interview and a coffee with the commercial manager of our local radio station. I was confident that I could do a strong enough presentation on the second interview to get an offer, hopeful that the telephone interview might lead to a face to face and be a good back up and interested to see what the coffee would bring even though I’d been told there wasn’t a position at the station right now. It turned out that there was an Account Exec job to be filled at the radio station and the coffee turned into an offer, acceptance, a tour of the station and a whole new career starting on Monday which was the last thing I had expected to happen.

Like so many weekends over the past five months I spent most of last weekend putting together a sales presentation for the second interview, researching the company and running through the questions I expected to be asked and preparing a list of questions to ask in return. I also did a little research on the other two companies and prepped as well as you ever can for a telephone, competency based, grilling.

It feels like I’ve been job-hunting forever. Since I was made redundant from TSL Education in 2009 it’s been a constant search for a role that was challenging, interesting, as well paid as could be and fun. I started a new job at the beginning of 2010 but if I’m honest it was never right for me. I hated most days and the company was having problems long before I started so although I gave it my all it came as no real surprise when it went into liquidation in November.

Although we couldn’t afford it I decided to take a step back and instead of taking the first crap sales job that came along out of desperation to earn I became a temp again. I needed to keep the wolves from the door for as long as I could and job seekers was never going to do that but temping kept us (just about) afloat and gave me the opportunity to find something that I wanted instead of something to make do.

I started temping at City Link on their customer service team at the end of November, five weeks before Christmas and one week before the snow hit. The combination of Christmas volume and the disruption that the snow caused introduced me to a whole new world of stress but I loved it. If I’m honest it’s the only thing that’s kept me sane over what has been a long dark winter in every way. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really nice people and when I left on Friday to start a new career at Kestrel FM I was more than a little sad.

Who knows what the future will bring and I have a feeling that the next few weeks could still hold a few more surprises but for now I’m getting my ducks in a row and looking forward to being the new kid tomorrow.

To get your ducks in a row essentially means to ensure all of the small details or elements are accounted for and in their proper positions before starting a new project.  A salesman may get all of his or her “ducks in a row” by rehearsing their sales presentation. When a person is fully prepared for any eventuality they can be said to have all their ducks in a row.

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