Not App Plicable.

Catholics cannot confess by iPhone, the Vatican has said, after the launch of a ‘confession app’ sanctioned by the US Catholic Church.

It would seem that technology is no substitute for the traditional meting out of parochial guilt and penance. I don’t see the problem (but them I’m not a Catholic so maybe I’m just missing the point). Surely if you feel the need to confess your sins the ability to do it on the move would encourage a more regular examination of conscience?

The App, approved by the US Catholic Church but condemned by the Vatican, has the standard 10 commandments and the ability to add a custom sin if you’ve been a bit imaginative. All it needs is a ‘shake’ mode to generate a random sin and its own photo app with devilish special effects for you to capture those immoral moments and share them with your designated priest and you could be guilt free and absolved of sins by the time you’ve finished the morning commute. Sounds like a winner to me.



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