Ice Station Zebra

There is snow on my blog. Some people may think it’s naff – I think it’s topical. It’s going to snow on WordPress until January the 4th and it may just keep going for that long in the real world as well.

The UK is in the grip of one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 years with snow and ice causing road, rail and airport chaos and we’ve been without central heating or hot water for nearly four days. Our boiler started it’s protest on Sunday morning and finally gave up the fight mid afternoon launching the house into a pit of frozen desolation. If we’d got up a little earlier we’d have both had a shower and the tank would have filled up again giving us enough hot water to last at least one more day before the boiler gave up but it was a lazy start to the day and it just didn’t happen and the thought of a cold shower didn’t do it for me.

Our landlady managed to get someone out to have a look on Sunday but it was never going to be as simple as a fuse or a part he had ready to hand was it? There was a sharp intake of breath and a promise to order the ‘gas multi function valve’ on Monday and from that point we were at the mercy of deliveries and other jobs. Just to add to the fun most of the uk post/parcel/delivery systems have ground to a halt at least partly over the last twenty-four hours because of the snow so who knows where the part is now.

We do have an open fire and a ready supply of logs and two small and very expensive to run fan heaters on loan from the repair company we’re carrying them around the house with us like a life support pack, plugging them in as we enter each room. I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life. Things can only get better – right?

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